Museum roots Conileñas

Museum roots Conileñas is located in the Cádiz town of Conil.

Exhibits in the Museum they contribute to describe the Customs and the history of Conilthrough rooms dedicated to tillage implements, old House, clothing, fishing gear, mining and trades.

The Asociación cultural Museum roots Conileñas arises to end of them years seventy, between a group of friends with concerns and desire to of recover and spread it history, the culture and the customs of its people.

Thanks to your interest and work they get to meet numerous pieces; furniture, clothing, enseres domestic, useful from the sea and from the field… and in 1979, open to the public the Museum roots Conileñas. He first local that is used is the House No. 4 of the Street Hospital, where remains until 1982, moving is then to its current headquarters in the enclosure of the Tower of Guzman.

The sea occupies a prominent place in the life of Conil and its inhabitants. If we enter the story we see as the raison d ' être of this villa, the starting point when we study its origins is that fishing, mainly fishing for tuna. The Museum collects a small shows of useful and arts of fishing, many of them is used still in our coasts, although there is that remember that this sector experienced a remarkable change with the construction of the fishing port in the year 1980.

Conil de la Frontera He began the 20th century with significant population increase, which unfortunately does not translate on changes or improvements to its inhabitants. There is that wait to them years 60, when the tourism begins to have importance in our people to say that Conil enters truly in the century XX.

Despite the importance that has the sea in your life and in your history, Conil is a town predominantly agricultural. This sector has a good presentation in the Museum; farming tools, useful and tools used in agricultural and livestock, work clothing, own them, etc.

In 1996 Roots Conileñas It became a Municipal Board.

Among the activities that develops and has developed the Museum Roots Conileñas We must highlight the Organization of the artisanal and gastronomic shows that takes place during the days of the September fair.

In article 2 of the statutes of the Board of Trustees are defined its fundamental objectives:

1st maintenance, improvement and promotion of House Museo.2º enhance the study of the history and culture of Conil and the dissemination of the same.

3 ° protection and defense of the architecture peculiar of the village.

Until 1931 exist only in Conil two public schools, children and girls, at the premises of the old convent de la Victoria, currently the Town Hall. The percentage of children out of school was very high.

In terms of transport, horses, mules and mares were used and have been used until the 1970s to go from field to the village. The arrival of the first car was a novelty, There was the problem of parking then. Was also important to the establishment of the bus Conil-Cadizthe famous “The hour drive”.


The entrance is free, and will accept donations that contribute to improve the Museum.

Only he attends visits arranged in 956 44 09 11.

Address: Plaza de Santa Catalina, 8
CP: 11140
Location: Conil de a Frontera · The Janda
Phone: 956 44 05 01
Timeline: century XX
Price: Free entry
Schedule: only in season: from 11 to 14 h and from 21 to 24 h.

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